Tour of St. Paul Church

The Church has adapted many styles of architecture for public worship--from the ancient synagogues of Israel and the temples of Greece and Rome to the medieval Gothic and now modern styles. St. Paul's is a "Romanesque" church, patterned after the meeting halls of the Roman Empire. An oblong hall is divided by matching rows of columns, surmounted by a barrel-vaulted ceiling and rounded arches. Since the weight is supported by the walls, the windows are small. St. Paul's, designed by architect Edward Graham, is modeled after the Church of San Zeno Maggiore in Verona, Italy. Beside the church building is the campanile, or bell tower (modeled after the campanile of the Torre del Commune also in Verona). At its top is a clock donated by the teachers and students of the parish schools; originally the clock tolled the quarter hour and angelus and, after falling into disrepair for many years, was recently restored and once again marks the passing of the hours. (The company responsible for the restoration and ongoing maintenance of the clock provides more information on this project on its website.)