Tour of St. Paul Church

The remainder of the tour of St. Paul's covers the stained-glass windows found on both sides of the nave of the church and explains the role each saint depicted in them played in the history of the Church.

Learning has always been a major part of Catholic tradition. As St. Bernard wrote eight centuries ago: "God is Wisdom, and he wills to be loved not only sweetly but wisely; as St. Paul says: 'Let your service be one that is worthy of thinking beings.' For if you neglect knowledge, the spirit of error will lead you astray effortlessly by means of your own zeal." The ten stained-glass windows in the nave of St. Paul's Church portray those who combined holiness and scholarship in a way suited to the tempers of themselves and their times. The windows were made in Germany, patterned after Renaissance images of the saints. Our tour of the windows begins with the one nearest the statue of St. Peter on the left side of the church.